My guitar gear

Like most guitar lovers / players / collectors I love my gear & the wheeling & dealing – here’s a quick snapshot of what I’m currently using…

Amps & Guitars

My favourite amp – Ceriatone OTS Bluesmaster HRM100 amp with Zilla Mini Modern cab & EVM-12L speaker. This amp is a Dumble clone & sounds fantastic – lovely Blackface style cleans that love being boosted and a beautiful almost Marshall type overdrive that retains the clarity of the note even at super high gain. Ceriatone make super amps and Nik the owner is a gent & provides the best customer service ever – just make sure you email him lol

Guitar is an Edwards ‘Jimmy Page’ Les Paul guitar fitted with Deacci Pure Vintage LP59 ‘One’ pickups

OTS – Yoda on sentry duty – Amp Clamp USA – great for a quick setup

Here’s how the amp sounds with lowish drive settings – this is a lovely 1963 strat (alas not mine!!) straight into the amp on the overdrive channel

New No. 2 amp – Custom HiWatt 50 watt SA112 ‘Bulldog’ combo – ’96 Fender Japan 50’s reissue Telecaster. Just picked up the HiWatt in December 2016 & love it! Perfect clean platform for pedals but barks when cranked!    ## Gone to a good new home – June 2017 ##



’06 Edwards Jimmy Page relic Les Paul
1987 Ibanez RG550 – original Edge trem – my longest serving companion.
’96 Fender Japan 50’s reissue Tele – birthday present from my lovely wife Claire
All my guitars: ’96 strat plus (now modified with Deacci humbucker & Blackhat II singles), 2006 Edwards ‘Jimmy Page’ Les Paul – Deacci LP59 ‘One’ pickups, ’96 Fender Japan 50’s Reissue Telecaster, 1987 Ibanez RG550 & a ’96 Takamine EN10.
Here’s the strat with the Deacci’s in – VR59 ‘Two’ humbucker & Blackhat II single coils – it whispers and roars in equal measures now.



Pedalboard as of 17/01/2017

Italian Jen Super Crybaby wah (off board) > Bright Onion Shifter Switch Patchbox > Pete Cornish buffer (underneath) > Korg Pitch Black tuner > Boss CS2 compressor > Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe > MXR Pase 90 Script > Thorpy FX Gunshot o/d > Skreddy Lunar Module Mini Deluxe fuzz > Boss CE2 chorus > patchbox out

Diamond Memory Lane Junior delay > Strymon Flint > ZCat Hold Reverb > TC Ditto X2 Looper – these 4 can be switched using the Bright Onion patchbox – either all in front of amp (for HiWatt) or in FX loop for the Ceriatone amp.

Spares / Subs
Analogman Prince of Tone (on temporary loan – thanks Andy), Jimmy Behan Klon, Yamaha analogue flanger (gorgeous but a little noisy), Ace Thirty o/d pedal (built by Alan Byrne, Dublin) and last nut never least, my old 80’s Italian Jen Super Crybaby Wah.


Here’s a demo of the ZCat Hold Reverb on my board but I also use the compressor, overdrive & delay too – the strat has Deacci pickups installed

And another – this time a stab at the great Joe Satriani tune – Always With Me, Always With You