Chill by Clusterfunk (Newry, Ireland)

We (Clusterfunk) wrote this song in the mid-90’s.

I thought it would be nice to try adding some orchestration to the stereo track for something to do and also to educate myself more on computer based music, during the Covid lockdown.

Hope my bro Sean (RIP) and the rest of the band – and everyone else who listens, like some of it!

Orchestration sounds come from the most excellent Spitfire Audio.

Clusterfunk (Newry, Ireland)

Vox – Sean Smith

Bass – Paul McMahon

Drums – Mark Hughes

Guitar – Kieran Smith

RG550 Jam!

My 1987 RG

Ibanez RG-550 ZCat Hold Reverb jam

4 minute jam with my Ibanez RG550 (1987) and Marshall JVM Satriani amp. Drone provided by ZCat Hold Reverb pedal. Recorded October 2016.