Pedalboard Upgrade – March 2019

Replaced a few old favourites including Tech21 Flyrig RK5, Strymon Flint, Boss CE-2, Xotic EP Booster & Pitchblack tuner & have taken my first taste of Helix with a Line 6 HX Stomp – well impressed initially & so much more experimenting to do – both with & without an amp. Kept some old favourites on board though – CS-2, Mini Dejavibe & have my old faithful Diamond Memory Lane Jr in the Stomps FX loop…

Gibson SG Standard – New addition! – July 2018 – Black Beauty

Delighted to get my hands on a nice Gibson SG again – this one’s a 2016 Standard.  I said bye to a nice strat (as a trade) but to be honest I’m preferring Tele to Strat this weather. Until now! – this SG is a dream to play.

Tele & SG for the foreseeable!

2019 – Deacci Upgrade!

SG upgraded with Deacci Pure Vintage ‘Zero’ (neck) & ‘Two’ (bridge) pickups

The Deacci’s have sparked the guitar into chimey phat clear goodness – cheers to Declan Larkin for working his magic again!

12th May 2018 – A milestone & a new addition

Big thanks to my lovely wife Claire for getting me this custom built Telecaster for my ‘big’ birthday. It was built by Jay’s Custom Guitars in Co. Meath (cheers again Jay!) and styled on an American Cobra car – I put Deacci Teletone Z pickups in it & have been using it non stop since my birthday.

Jay kindly customized it for my birthday too – his builds are fantastic and his attention to detail on the paintwork is astounding – highly recommended!

Presentation day with Jay!